Why Buy Medical Supplies Online

February 03, 2022

Looking to purchase Durable Medical Equipment and looking around for a medical supply shop nearby?

Let me ask, have you been inside a traditional medical supply shop recently?

If not, well..this is what you may be getting yourself into…and it's not real pretty.

Imagine, stained pulled carpet, bland walls with all sorts of indistinguishable canes and crutches thrown about. Poorly displayed products with little indication of the features and price…makes me feel confused and old just thinking about it!

But you're not alone. Many have complained that in general, medical suppliers aren't the most attractive equipment. But c’mon we can do better than that right? I mean you deserve a better experience than that.

Nothing against medical supply shops, but the idea of going through a showroom, picking out what you want and coming back a couple days is just a little bit outdated.

Why You Should Buy Medical Supplies Online

Although a wide variety of medical supplies have been available online for quite some time, it’s only until recently that purchasing supplies from an online medical supply store has become widespread. 

We want to make sure you’re reaping ALL the Benefits!

  • Lower Prices

When you purchase on an e-commerce site (the buying and selling of goods and services online) really helps in bringing down the costs of your purchases. E-commerce sites generally have lower overhead costs since businesses don’t have to pay rent or buy real estate.

What’s the result? You Save Money By Paying The Lowest Price! 

  • Free Shipping

Big and bulky medical supplies such as a mobility scooter should cost a fortune to ship, right??

Nope! Zip’r Mobility is proud to offer Free Shipping on all our Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs.
  • No Sales Tax!

Save money on tax when you buy online. Customers are not always required to pay taxes on some goods online. Even better is that Sales Taxes are not even applied to medical items.

At retail locations, you may be forced to pay upwards of 10% or more in sales taxes depending on your location.

  • Added Convenience

We get it...medical supplies and equipment are necessities and you need them ASAP. You may not have the time to browse through a showroom and want something that just works. When you order medical supplies online, they arrive discreetly at your front door! Best thing yet, is that most items come 95% preassembled.

With injuries or limitations, you simply cannot be inconvenienced by having to make a trip to your local DME shop. Having items delivered quickly and directly to your home is way more appealing. Caregivers are able to order items online and spend more time tending to other needs. 

Worried about not knowing how to assemble your mobility scooter when delivered? Watch just how easy it is to assemble a mobility scooter from Zip'r that's shipped to your door!

  • Largest Selection of Scooters & Wheelchairs 

We like to think of the internet as a giant mall where you can shop at the comfort of your own chair. Best thing is no physical mall can compete with the internet’s GIANT list of inventory.

You have access to all retailers and product variations right at your fingertips! How cool is that?

That blue mobility scooter you wanted (that's not available in stores) is one google search away from winding up at your front door.

Click Here to Browse Our Entire Selection of Mobility Scooters

  • Unrivaled Customer Service

Especially when buying medical products, you want to be backed by the best customer service. Online retailers such as Zip’r communicate quickly via phone, email, chat, or even social media from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. With access to all the channels of communication, it is easy to get support when you need it the most.

Click Here For Expert Advice On Choosing The Right Scooter For Your Needs!

The Future Of Buying Medical Supplies Online

We are continually working on improving our site like many others to custom cater our customer experience matching relevant products to you!

For serious medical conditions, waiting a week or two may not be an option and several services are beginning to offer same-day delivery in certain locations. Completely defeating the one advantage retail locations had over online medical supply. Zip’r offers One Day Shipping to our customers!

Most DME shops offer an outdated experience. Purchasing medical supplies online is incredibly convenient, cheaper, and often more effective than attempting to buy them in person. Buying medical equipment online offers a positive experience and the advantages are only growing.

Purchasing medical supplies online is most beneficial and convenient to YOU, the customer. And the customer is alright right, right?

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