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So easy to control. Went to an aquarium yesterday and with all the people and turns I had to make...

I am so very happy with my chair . Can get around so turns so easy!

Working great!!♥️

Everything....size, price, ease in assembly, how it solves my problems

I purchased the scooter for, what I see is, "off label" use! I have MS, and while still quite ambulatory, have been frustrated with how quickly my legs get worn out when I am gardening..specifically when I have to take my rolling weed cart to dump at the back of my property, or when I need to take a break, and must climb up my deck stairs to sit in the shade and rest. At first, I felt that a used golf cart would solve this problem, but through this past year, I searched for one that was within my price range, and could fit in my garage. Never found anything, plus I started taking in my friends' comments that the cart wasn't going to really help and was too difficult to mantain. In a conversation with friends on Sept 17th, one friend laughingly said I should buy a used Walmart cart, and that started me researching similar "carts"...scooters, and I was brought to your website. I quickly researched this scooter, loved all the great reviews, and then really checked out my property and visualized how I would use this, ending with being convinced this was my answer. So , on Sept 19 I ordered it. I was so pleased with the prompt shipment and delivery and received it a day earlier than previously advised. My friend came right over, and he had it together very quickly, and commented on well packed it was, and how easy it was to assemble. He taught me how to use it, and in two days ( after rain!) I started using it to take me to and from my garden, and have been learning how to take the weed bags to the back of my garden using the "tractor" ( as it now is being called!). I am so delighted with this! Happy that for some gardening, I can swivel the seat and just do what I need to do while still on it. When I need a break, I can either sit on a garden bench than I can easily roll to, or just roll back to my garage and get into my house easier than climbing up the back deck stairs. I am getting to parts of my yard that I haven't been able to go to,and this totally thrills me! Now, I have property that is on a bit of an incline in the back, plus another area with a few big maples with exposed roots. So these are certainly more challenging for the scooter, but I am learning the best and safest path for managing these. The state of my legs are not longer a factor for me when I desire to get outside in the garden , and that is truly empowering! IT is the perfect size for me and I thank you so much for inventing such a well made and affordable little scooter!

Great product

I need a better way to pay my bill can get some info on that please or a phone number

Very easy to use and small enough for two people to place in an SUV.

We love our Zipr! It has a lot of power, has a smooth ride, comfortable seat, and was easy to put together out of the box. It was shipped very quickly and was well packed. The ability to lift the arms and swivel the seat makes it very easy to access. Two of us can lift the scooter by its lift bars and place it in the back of our SUV without removing any parts. You would have to take it apart to place it in a trunk. If you are tall, you may find it lacking in leg room. We have only used it twice, but it seems very well built.

The more I use it the more I like it!

Everything !!!!

My son in law assembled the scooter, I used it today and absolutely LOVE it !!!!

It works very easy. I like that it works like a hoverround for half the price.

Great customer service

My salesperson was Ron. Very kind, caring, compassionate person. Was eager to listen and answer every single question I had. Ron is the reason I bought from this company.

Very please with Scooter. Big life changer for my husband



So far I'm very pleased. I ordered for my husband who has Stage 4 Lung Cancer and has mobility issues. He cannot walk very far so this has helped him to be able to go where ever the rest of the family goes. He is very happy with it. I did have some questions concerning operation, but was not able to reach anyone by phone to help me. This is flustrating, but the scooter so far is great.

Was easy to assemble. Goes well on concrete and asphalt flat surfaces. Lightweight to load in back of truck.

Zip'r Transport Lite Folding Electric Wheelchair

like the scooter very well acouple of things need to be better the horn isnt very loud and it needs working tail light

Nice looking scooter!

I have to say this is the best of best Scooters. Well made and very fast. It everything I need to get around. Also nice customer service. They kept me in the loop of any delays. The seller is A ++, u will not be disappointed on this buy

I haven't gotten scotter yet

But I will say RON gave me such great info. on the 3-wheel Scotter more than all the other places I called for Info. When you get a kind best interested person willing to help with a possible sale above your knowledge of a Scotter well that feeling of TRUST comes over you and you find yourself saying SOLD well, Your JUST HAPPY you did RIGHT. Thanks Ron G. R.

The chair got here very quick ! Good
We open the box and there was no instruction booklet and nothing to tell were the battery was and how long to charge it. Disappointed!
It looks sleek, I will get on it after next Sunday, then I will know better

Lightweight & reliable

Ordered a replacement battery box for my Zip’r 4. Got it in a few days! Transferred batteries into it and now it’s all good!

Keys did not fit. Nice quality though.

Just received my order. Assembled and ready for my wife to try once her recovery from knee surgery allows. Initial inspection appears to be quality and function as stated. Additional review and input will be provided once placed into use.

we havent gotten it yet

we havent gotten it yet

Quick response

Very quick and helpful. Had issue with order, but corrected quickly


So glad I found you just in time for my trip.

Great customer support

Ron was very helpfull and polite about resolving my scooter issue. He is an asset to your company,don't lose him! We will defintley reccomend this company to our family and friends. This scooter is fun to drive!

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