Zip'r Mobility

Zip'r Transport Lite Folding Electric Wheelchair

  • Compact and Easy To Travel

    Ideal for traveling, the Transport Lite foldable electric wheelchair has a small footprint, only 16.5 inches wide when folded. Weighing in at 89 pounds, the Zip'r Transport Lite motorized wheelchair is constructed from heavy duty aluminum. Our power wheelchairs are TSA approved and a great mobility aid for travel.

    Best Electric Wheelchair for Travel
    Easiest Power Wheelchair for Seniors

    Straightforward Controls

    Features an easy to use joystick controller enabling riders seamless mobility. A USB charging port is integrated in our lightweight folding electric wheelchair scooter, allowing you to charge your phone on the go! Easily steer, change direction, check battery range and set a maximum speed with the Zip'r Transport Lite power wheelchair.

    Great Versatility

    The Zip'r Transport Lite can be used as both a manual wheelchair and a lightweight electric wheelchair. You have maximum freedom on deciding how to use your portable electric wheelchairs for seniors.

    Senior Folding Power Wheelchair

    Great Comfort

    Generously padded, supportive breathable, and washable seats! Supports up to 220 pounds. Wide 18" seats. Includes a integrated seat belt for added safety! Our foldable electronic wheelchairs feature a rear pocket for added storage space.

    Customer-Driven Brand

    Zipr Power Wheelchairs are the result of extensive research and design efforts by our team of American Engineers, tailored to meet your specific needs. With a focus on safety and comfort, our US team is dedicated in providing you exceptional customer service, ensuring that you have the best possible experience with your power chair. Founded in 2004 Zipr Mobility is a trusted family-owned brand. Shop Zipr. Buy now with confidence!

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

It's perfect for me.

Carrie Nash
Price, useable out of box, sturdiness, works in the snow/cold, very well-thought out design

Our daughter has cerebral palsy. This is her first ever chair that isn't customized and it works well for her with very minimal adaptations. Zip'r has really thought of everything with design, function and safety. We were thrilled to even find transport tie-downs. Our only caveat is that you can't turn off the beeping... (Makes dog insane.)

B. Jean Easrman
So easy to control. Went to an aquarium yesterday and with all the people and turns I had to make...

I am so very happy with my chair . Can get around so turns so easy!

Tryo Robinson
Great product

I need a better way to pay my bill can get some info on that please or a phone number

Harry Hutchins
Great customer service

My salesperson was Ron. Very kind, caring, compassionate person. Was eager to listen and answer every single question I had. Ron is the reason I bought from this company.

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