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Mobility Scooter Battery Box Assembly for Zipr Traveler & Xtra

Mobility Scooter Model
  • Battery Box Assembly for Zipr Traveler & Zipr Xtra Mobility Scooter

    Whether your mobility scooter's battery box went missing or is damaged, these battery boxes will replace the old, worn-down battery case for the Zip’r Xtra and Traveler mobility scooters.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Jennings
Lightweight & reliable

Ordered a replacement battery box for my Zip’r 4. Got it in a few days! Transferred batteries into it and now it’s all good!

Dale Heining
Lightning fast response.

Beyond fast response, got me what I needed and it was all handled via the internet. Wonderful service!!!!

Laurence Wilderson
My scooter is light and easy use

I rented a scooter at Disney World last year that cost me $300.00 it was very slow and the battery only lasts half a day. I got my Zipr and have used it twice now at Disney World and going again in December. Buy then it will have paid for itself $850.00. It will literally go circles around the rental’s and the batteries last 35% longer. I bought an extra battery case and batteries because it won’t quite last a long day of playing. It probably would if I lost 50 of my 250 pounds. I am very very happy with my Zipr-4 !


it is very simple to use . it need brake. can brakes be put on zipr-3. if so please let me no. thanks you.

Thanks for your review. We are happy to hear that there are no issues with the battery box. The Zip'r Traveler series mobility scooters do have brakes.

Lucille Schlotte
My Zipr 4

I have had my Zipr 4 for 13 years and use it often. The battery box assembly just wore out from all the times it was taken out and put back in my scooter. The replacement box came faster than we expected and was all wired and fit just fine. My Zipr 4 helps me to go and do the things that I enjoy at age 87 so I would highly recommend one for anyone who needs help getting around and I would definitely recommend Zipr Mobility if your scooter needs parts.

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