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Zip’r Roo Mobility Scooter Replacement Key

  • Zip’r Roo 3 Wheel & 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter Replacement Key

    Weather you want a spare key or your key got lost or misplaced, Zip’r is here to help. The Zip’r Roo mobility scooter replacement key will get your travel scooter back running in no time.

Customer Reviews

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Harriet Miller

Great company!

Carol Voorhees

Fast and great service

Janis Chevalier
Light, easy to use and small to store

I'm recovering from cancer treatment. This is a FUN way to get back out in the neighborhood with my little dog. She can walk as far as she wants without me getting too tired to carry her home, AND she LOVES riding in my lap so we take the long way home for the fun of it. I can drive with my right hand and hold her harness with my left to keep her safe.
I like that I can change the speed easily, and that it is a four wheel scooter. I test drove a neighbors three wheeler and it was too easy to tip. I drive it into my carport and plug it right in without needing to lift the battery (except for winter storage) and I like that I can disengage the brakes and push it into tight spots for storing. I'm a 118 lb. lady so some of the scooters were much too hefty for me. Everything about this scooter is just right for me and I am so glad that I purchased it.

Diann Wells
was reasonable

the scooter cover is fine but a bit light weight so that it is easily blown off by wind even when undercover. Need it to be just a bit longer so one can place something heavy on the edges to hold it down.

Richard Shockey
Good transport

Take when flying no issue. Good transport. Not overly difficult to haul.
Seat is very movable back and forward.. This is esp. true when going up gang planks boarding cruises.

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